Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer no dem Bummer

Sweltering stifeling slothilyh we move, for a purpose, for an experiance, toward existence, for a seemingly

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Finally some cold action hitS Phoenix. I dont need the AC...eff you AC !!!!

Fridays- Grayson Lynn's first day at pre-school, Miki Lynn Rios-Garcia and I are driving on easy street with mud tires. Plus I get into internet etiquette conflict with college Dr. Degree holder but i washed all the stress away with some comfort Za, thin crust thank you very much plus watched the rest of Portlandia. Kind of reminded me when I left Seattle a year or 2? back. Tomorrow Walking the fair grounds. Sorry to Annette Ruiz for missing the derby but we are about that parent work schedule lyfe son!!! Freekin hate working tho.. buster,. my job at Tumbleweed isnot at all difficult its just that i feel it could be allot more that just licensing and house upkeep. IDK i need to read some comix or start my own. I have been meaning to begin illustrating but i just want to rest these days. I never had this issue of lack of sleeping before. I CaN get out of this FUNK. I hate FUNK. Disco of shitty repetitive House or techno now.. Any way here is Lil Grayson with Micaela Garcia the woman of my heart aren't they sooo PWECHUSSS!!! here is Grayson Dancig to normal House beats and at Mikis birthday sushi revival family gettogether!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gray Life

how awesome is that!!
Micaela and I are here...making moves and taking names....MISS MY CHUBBA WUBBA GRAYSON.. http://dbfestival.com/

Monday, September 16, 2013

seattle we comming for that night bus

So much time passes and solutions have scientifically found sum. Any who the GFAM will be repping 602 in the 206. Hollertronix.. To busy livin that Bass Life... See you next month...ILOVE MIKI AND GRAYSON POR VITA

Friday, August 23, 2013

8.23.13 endless summer heat

What an exciting time! Life is moving so rapid and swelled with fundamental obstacles. I cant explain entirely whats been happening but it is wonderful to say they I am a father to a beautiful strong intelligent visionary who shall be names Grayson Lynn Garcia. She is our happy little families focus, our guidance, and motivator. She is funny and like to luagh but is serious about her studies. We, Micaela and I, hope to be the best for her as she is a planned event and a blessing. Thanks you cosmic beings for granting us such a unique child. All the best. Be Well. !! Foodbanks!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Chillin with my babay Momma

Newest developments in abridged format. New weight gain. New gained friend new gained weight on friend. UP grows the bump. Looking deformed. Now more space to live in. More fast in the car we go..heres another hint of the model of car I got. 2003 0000 Plant really really like it when you give them water. A riding we will go to Seattle we ergo. Read study read studt read study ..pass pass pass pass....collect stacks.